Our goal is to provide a full range of interpreting services for your conferences, meetings, and presentations, with our broad database of experienced professionals, and reliable conference interpreting equipment.

The Standard practice of the profession is to work in teams of two interpreters trading off every thirty minutes. When we work for an extended period of time without breaks every 30 minutes, interpretation quality suffers, and the interpreter may become exausted and unable to provide quality interpreting.

Interpreters have a wide range of knowledge but cannot be experts in all subjects. In order to familiarize ourselves with the topic of your conference, please make sure we receive the conference papers in all languages as early as possible. This will help us gain a better idea of the subject under discussion and understand your speakers better, especially those who have difficult accents or who speak very fast.

Conference interpreting is team work with everyone involved!


Wireless and infrared listening devices are available for group settings or large conference areas.