Oregon Certified Interpreter's Network inc.


At OCIN we believe that in order to render an excellent translation the underlying meaning of a document in the source language needs to be reproduced as text into the target language. Translation is a complex process that requires the translator to go beyond words to grasp the exact meaning of the text, translation is not a mechanical process carried out with an online translation application.

Personal Documents

Our Translation Services are designed to fit your needs, we have staff to translate Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, School Transcripts, University Credentials and any personal document you can think of.

Please e-mail translations@oregoncertified.com to request a quote.

Legal, Medical and Corporate

We have specialized technical translators for each specific area, whether it be legal, medical or corporate, a translation team specialized in the subject matter will be performing the translation. All documents are completed in a four step process, 1) Identification and definition of special terms. 2) Translation, 3) Edition and 4) Proofreading.

Please email translations@oregoncertified.com to request a quote.

Internationalization and Localization

If you have a product, service or software that needs to be translated into different languages and adapted to a specific country, region or target market, OCIN can help you obtain that local “look and feel”. Our specialists will get a full understanding of the different roles involved in your localization project and our team will deliver a seamless translation.