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Personal Document Translation

OCIN offers fast, economical translation of personal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, university diplomas, etc. USCIS, educational institutions, and federal, state, and local organizations often request these documents.

We also can translate documents in English to any language you choose.

The immigration process can be stressful and getting your documents translated into English should not add to that stress. OCIN can help you translate your documents and certify them according to USCIS requirements, so you can submit them with peace of mind. You can be sure your translation will be made by the most qualified translator in the target language. All our translations include a Certificate of Accuracy for the translation.

Legal, Medical and Corporate

We have specialized technical translators for each specific legal, medical, or corporate area. A translation team specialized in the subject matter will be performing the translation. All documents are completed in four steps: 1) Identify and define the target reader and special terms. 2) Translation, 3) Edition, and 4) Proofreading and delivery.

Internationalization and Localization

Your product, service, or software needs to be translated into different languages and adapted to a specific country, region, or target market; OCIN can help you obtain that local “look and feel.” Our specialists will get a complete understanding of the different roles involved in your localization project; our team will deliver a seamless translation.

Is it expensive to hire a professional?

It can be very expensive if your message is wrong; it can cost money, ruin your image, and even cause irreparable damage. Whether you’re having a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign translated or need translation a 1-page document, it pays to hire the right professional to get the job done right.

A computer can do all this, right?

There are times when your computer’s translation is useful and times when it's not. When should I use Google Translate, and when should I hire a professional? OCIN can help you with this answer.

Terminology Management: What you should know

Terminology management is the process of identifying, storing, and managing customer or product-specific terminology that needs to be translated in a definitive way. This creates a living, breathing document called a termbase that will provide a consistent flow of ideas for your customers, market, vendors, and all communications.

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