Oregon Certified Interpreter's Network inc.

Who We Are

OCIN was founded in 2007 by Ignacio Escudero and Oscar Nunez both State Court Certified Interpreters in the search to connect legal assignments to a Network of highly Qualified Court Interpreters in the State of Oregon. Since 2008 OCIN has been asked to cover other areas Interpreting which has led to an expansion of the Network now also including Mental Health, Medical, Social Services and Conference Interpreters.

Our Staff is comprised 100 % of a team of active Interpreters and translators, which helps in having a complete understanding of our clients needs and our Interpreters` capabilities.

Our Staff:

Maria Jose Vasquez Mellado Petit (English-Spanish Translator) is head of our scheduling team.

Michele Quinard(Medical Qualified Spanish Interpreter) Supervisor and scheduling Support.

Ben Nunez(Spanish-English-Spanish Translator and Qualified Spanish Interpreter) Accounting and Scheduling support.

Carlos Nunez(Court Certified Spanish Interpreter) Client Relations and Scheduling Support.

Oscar Nunez(Court Certified Spanish Interpreter) Coordinator and scheduling support.

Lizbeth Diaz(English-Spanish Translator) Billing

OCIN works with over 940 Professionals in over 74 Languages and Dialects to be the bridge in communication.

Our Clients include :

State of Oregon through OSH, DHS, ED, PDSC, Clakamas Co., Marion Co., Washington Co., City of Beaverton, City of Tigard, Happy Valley, Tualatin and Private entities - Geico, Progressive, Liberty Insurance, Allstate, Examworks, Sunrise medical, MES group and Law Firms & Court Reporters.


We now also provide a Multilingual Form Solutions.